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Portable Dance Floor


Quality Portable Dance Floor 

Show Works’ Biltflør is the most user friendly Portable Dance Floor you can buy

Biltflør is a scientifically designed floating dance floor that uses modular airflow to cushion your exercise and add that extra spring to your routine. Protecting you from injury, this highly acclaimed floor will ensure a safe, exhilarating exercise every time. Biltflør was scientifically developed for dancers by those who understand the needs of dancers and technical staff.

Clients prefer Biltflør to other sprung dance floors because of its tool free installation, low profile and reasonable pricing. The artists of the Australian Ballet have been dancing on Biltflør for over 20 years; the world has seen the result! A great company of great dancers.

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Show Works has had Biltflør tested by Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd, ACN 062 949 973.

The testing was conducted in line with the FIBA standards: EN 14808:2005(E) and EN 14809:2005(E)

Testing was carried out on a concrete floor inside the Sydney Opera House, the Shock Absorption or Force Reduction was determined using the Berlin Athlete apparatus containing 120 Hz 2 pole Butterworth Filter as specified in the Standard. The peak voltages developed were measured using a Fluke 8024B voltmeter with peak reading facility.

3 readings are taken at each of 3 positions – in the centre of a panel, on a straight edge joint between 2 panels and at a four way joint between four panels. As per the Standard, the first reading was neglected and the second and third averaged.



Used by professionals from the Australian Ballet and Australian Ballet School for over 15 years, Biltflor is the portable floor of choice for dancers the world over.

Show Works’ highly acclaimed sprung dance floor has been developed for dancers by those who understand their needs. Biltflor’s specially designed wooden floor uses modular airflow, providing cushioning and an added spring to your dance routine.

For sale Australia-wide, Biltflor’s specially designed wooden floor uses modular airflow, providing cushioning and an added spring to your dance routine.

Recognised as the most user-friendly mobile floor, Biltflor is easy to install and suitable for all dance disciplines when used in conjunction with an overlay, including ballet and tap dancing.

Please note: If you are planning on moving your floor less than twice a year, our SprungFloor is probably a better option for you.

Enjoy the benefits that our superior portable dance flooring provides, contact Show Works now on 03 9416 9611 or simply complete our online enquiry form.