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Dance Works

Show Works renowned Sprung Floors, Ballet Bars and Dance mirrors are used by dancers across the ballet and theatre industry, from professionals in the Australian Ballet to talented students and beginners.


Fitness Works

Show Works has discovered that other styles of classes involving barres and flooring have come about for Fitness purposes such as Barre Attack, Barre Pilates, Stretch Barre and many more.


Creative Works

Show Works has a history of creating highly creative, engaging scenic elements for marketing activations all around the country.


Theatre Works

Show Works is a leader in the set construction industry in Australia, capable of producing high quality theatre scenery for all budgets.



The only fully FIBA tested and engineered Australian Sprung Dance Floor offers peace of mind. Show Works has been fitting flooring to studio floors and theatre stages for over 20 years, servicing the ballet and theatre industries, from professionals in the Australian Ballet to talented students in studios.


SprungFloor by Show Works

SprungFloor by Show Works is manufactured from 18mm B-C/C-D grade structural plywood; the closed cell pads that provide the force reduction are specially imported. We have not been able to find a comparable rubber in Australia (believe me, we have tried!). Experience tells us that no two dancers are alike so why should we decide the finish? The choice is yours! Our floor is supplied in an uncoated form; this allows you to set your budget by choosing how you want to finish it.


Features of SprungFloor by Show Works

• Cheap and easy to install – we encourage you to shop around!
• Tool free installation
• It’s modular design means it can grow with your business
• Use it with or without an overlay – you decide the finish
• Ecologically sustainable
• Australian designed and manufactured

With easy installation procedures and instructions, anyone can install our floor, saving you money. It is totally non-invasive so it can be laid in leased premises without risk of damaging the building’s structure. We want to grow with you; when you decide to move studios you can easily pick it up and take it with you. If you move to a bigger premises simply buy some more sheets; it is that simple.

ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY Shmily Newborn Photography Melbourne



About Us – Our Story

Show Works was founded by Paul Anderson, Paul Lahiff and Joe Markac.

Paul, Paul and Joe started working together in 1993 and by 1995 they had formalised their working arrangement by launching their company ALM Pty Ltd. In 2000 they changed the company name to Show Works Pty Ltd (Show Works).Their first big theatrical set build was Beauty and the Beast in 1996 and they carried on from there. Subsequently, they were fortunate to form an arrangement that has seen Show Works being a part of set building for every Australian Ballet production since then. Show Works enjoys a reputation throughout the theatrical set building industry for exacting standards and the depth of experience needed to solve problems and challenges effectively and creatively. With Show Works’ involvement in productions such as The Addams Family, King Kong, The Producers, Wicked and Jersey Boys, we are proud to say we have provided production support to almost every major show that has come to Australia in recent years.

Show Works is capable of providing bump in assistance as well as drapery, fibre glassing, sculpting and stage electrics. In 2010, Show Works saw a change in the board of directors with the departure of Paul Anderson. Tim Blaikie and Cameron Ross joined the board. With their visionary ideas of the dance rehearsal product line this has served to expand Show Works in dance, fitnesfs, education, rehabilitation & architectural markets. This has now prepared the company to move forward.

photos from Shmily Photography