Sprung Floors are designed to provide shock absorbency for feet,
ankles, shins, knees and hips during strenuous movement.

Sprung Floor by Show Works™ is a semi portable modular flooring system designed and made in our Melbourne factory.

It is manufactured from structural plywood with a matrix of EPDM rubber pads fixed to the base for shock absorbency. Sprung Floor by Show Works is FIBA tested and accredited for force reduction and vertical deformation.

Sprung floor is quick and simple to install, making it a versatile option for both large commercial fitouts and small home studios. Sprung Floor is supplied with a complete installation package, this includes custom designed joining clips, wave board, side ramps, screws and plastic moisture membrane. A 10-year warranty for componentry is provided on all our Sprung Floors. (details available upon request)

Sprung Floor by Show Works™ is supplied un-sanded providing our customers the choice of finish that suits their needs and budget. Finishing options available include painting, clear sealer or Tarkett vinyl.

We have been supplying our quality Sprung Dance Floor for more than 20 years to studio spaces Australia wide
Full Panel 1195mm x 2390mm x 30mm
Half Panel 1195mm x 1195mm x 30mm
Sprung Floor Range
Sprung Floor | SOLO
For the start up studio where safety is the principle concern, Solo provides FIBA rated force reduction at a very
reasonable price. Lay it yourself, coat it yourself and dance with complete peace of mind. If you want to move it,
just pull it apart and re-locate it! Solo is the essential foundation of all of our Sprung Dance Floors and the
perfect building block to our other three floor products.

Suitable For: Ballet, Dance Studios
Sprung Floor | POINTE
Pointe provides all of the force reduction of Solo but with the grip and confidence that can only come from Tarkett
Dancefloor. Ideal for leaps, pointe work and any soft shoe dance disciplines, Pointe is available in Black, Grey and
now exclusively to Show Works, in Woodgrain finish.

Suitable For: Classical Ballet as well as all other soft shoe and bare foot dance disciplines
Sprung Floor | CLASSIC
Classic is the premium all-rounder. iQ Granit Acoustic laid on Sprung floor by Show Works provides a floor
perfectly suited to classical ballet as well as tap dance. Show Works exclusively retains a stock of grey and black
here in Australia and other colours are available as indent orders. Classic’s self-healing surface makes for incredible
durability not to mention the most comfortable dance surface you can buy!

Suitable For: Perfect for all dance forms including Classical and Tap, this vinyl provides grip, durability and incredible
maintenance qualities.
Performance provides the solution for stages, auditoria and drama studios where force reduction is a requirement
along with a floor suited to productions. With Weathertex Impact Board laid directly onto Sprung Floor by Show Works,
the best of both worlds is achieved. The painted surface of Performance can be screwed into, painted and re-painted
as necessary. This finish is an industry standard across Australian commercial theatre stages and is the
perfect surface for your next Performance!

Suitable For: All dance styles, including Ballet, Contemporary dance, Tap dancing, Flamenco, Theatre stages
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