Tarkett Granitproduct Acoustic

Vinyl Flooring Overlay

There is a strong demand for a Vinyl overlay that can cover a variety of dance styles including Tap and Irish Dancing. Tarkett Granit Acoustic is the solution for you!

Granit Acoustic is a cushioned back vinyl with a hardwearing surface suitable for a variety of styles. Whilst it may not be designed for Dance specifically, it’s a great solution for dance studios who require a multi-purpose floor.

Granit Acoustic has its own built-in springiness and cushioning which also reduces the strain on muscles and tendons. The hard surface allows the freedom of movement and the cushioning helps it become a non-slip surface.

Show Works’ Sprung Floor Products make the ideal partner for Tarkett Granit Acoustic.

Granit Acoustic is to be used as a permanent covering.

Technical Details
Roll Length: 23 Linear Metres Roll Width: 200cm
Total Thickness: 4.0mm Wear Layer: .5mm
Foam Interlayer Thickness: 2.3mm Weight: 3.81kg/m2
Foil Backing Thickness: 0.2mm