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FIBA Testing


I was thinking about this over the week end and thought it appropriate to put finger to keyboard!  With so many options on the market; when choosing your sprung dance floor it can become a rather confusing decision.

To put it plainly, choosing a sprung dance floor is a bit like choosing a car; we work to a budget and try to  get as much as we can for our dollar.  (having just bought a car I know this to be true!)

Most importantly in our view, anyone who is considering buying a sprung dance floor should be applauded as it is an expensive process.  By the same token, if you are thinking of buying a floor it is probably because you know that you are harming your dancer’s fitness and well-being by not having one.  So how can you be sure of getting what you think you are paying for?  The easiest solution is to ask your supplier to present you with a testing certificate by either a DIN or FIBA authorized testing body.  This will tell you exactly how much force the floor will absorb.  Make sure that your supplier has done this and you will be able to dance with piece of mind.

You can download our certificate from Acousto-Scan on the downloads page of our website.

Remember that if the floor does not exceed 40% force reduction then it is not FIBA compliant and if it is not exceeding 50% force reduction it is not meeting DIN standards either.  Ask for the proof, your dancers deserve to know.

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