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Blue Man Group



For those of you who remember Arrested Development, you probably have fond memories of The Blue Man Group. Well Show Works are delighted to be building the touring set for when the team come to Australia later in the year.

The set is mainly comprised of trussing and simple but effective trucks but an interesting bit of information is that Show Works is adapting its portable sprung dance floor design Biltflor to work as the show deck for the tour. With its tool free design that allows the floor to be pulled apart in without any tools it offers a terrific alternative to other more sophisticated products on the market. The main difference between the normal Biltflor and the floor that we are supplying for BMG is that it will not have the cushioning on the bottom.

Without giving away too many secrets, we have been asked to ensure that the floor is well waterproofed so I would advise that it could get messy on stage!

Look out for the Blue Man Group coming to a theatre near you and of course call Show Works for any information about your sprung floor needs.

Due to current COVID-19 situation we have been swamped with inquiries. Please be patient and we will get back to you by email within 24 hours.